tło headera We are an alternative investment company developing high-tech solutions, improving trading capabilities in traditional financial markets and IT industry. We are an alternative investment company developing high-tech solutions, improving trading capabilities in traditional financial markets and the crypto industry. Why Revenue Capital?
How does the Revenue Capital ecosystem work?

Revenue is a community of investors and entrepreneurs whose goal is freedom, autonomy and independence. This community uses modern IT technologies and supports all members with innovative business technologies including DAO. Our community believes that prosperity is built on the basis of understanding and trust as well as on knowledge and resourcefulness. Seeing the technology as an opportunity to implement these values we decided to create Revenue Capital and  Revenue Community. Our goal is to live in the world we always dreamed about and we always wanted to be a part of.


If you are interested in investments, new technologies or social change, you have surely noticed a lot of information circulating about young unicorn startups and the so-called economy of creators. We are witnessing a real revolution that opens the potential for wealth generation by individuals powered by inspirational ideas and modern technology.

Soon, investments in publicly traded trillion-dollar companies with one employee (founder) will be the norm.


It is certain that the market for new technologies is growing and will continue to grow. The number of people actively investing in technology is rising year by year.

The partners we work with are linked by the nature of business focused on customers. They understand that the use of technology is a huge potential for growth based on a constantly increasing customer base. 

If you feel as part of this community – feel free to contact us.


Our team is an international group of experienced experts specializing in investing, cryptocurrencies, and innovative technologies. Our advantage lies in each member’s unique practical experience: best practices and successes in the implementation of projects related to traditional finance, venture capital, IT technology, automatic services, robo advisory, algorithmic transactions, robotics, cross market equity and revenue based funding

Jarek Białek
Jarek Białek
Board Member, Founder, Co-Founder of Revenue Capital

15 years of experience in building startup communities and acceleration programs, including international accelerators for blockchain projects.

Piotr Piasecki
Piotr Piasecki
Revenue Capital Board Member

20 years experience in business management. Involved in international investment projects in industries including IT, finance and real estate. Specialises in marketing and sales.

Tomasz Korecki
Tomasz Korecki
Founder, Co-Founder of Revenue Capital

25+ years experience managing financial and technology companies. Associated with capital and financial markets since 1995. Expert in algorithmic trading and new technologies in the capital market. 

Adam Cukrowski
Adam Cukrowski
Founder, Co-Founder of Revenue Capital

Expert  and advisor in multiple ICO projects, specialises in tokenomics and liquidity mechanisms. Founder and partner at SkyRocket.

Kuba Korecki
Chief Technical Officer

Creative Software Developer with over nine years of experience leveraging Java and JavaScript to build responsive websites, mobile apps, and interactive features. Co-founder of Exeria.

Eduardo Gamarci
Chief Operating Officer

15+ year-experience as a professional trader working for proprietary trading firms. Involved in developing algorithmic trading tools and software for the Equity, Option and Cryptocurrency markets.