tło headera We are an alternative investment company developing high-tech solutions, improving trading capabilities in traditional financial markets and the crypto industry. RVC Tokens We are an alternative investment company developing high-tech solutions, improving trading capabilities in traditional financial markets and the crypto industry. Portfolio Team Why Revenue Capital?
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Revenue Capital
We fund and support fintech, blockchain, AI, ML, and Web 3 companies

Revenue Capital operates Revenue Coin and Revenue Capital Accelerator, creating a community of crypto investors and founders dedicated to growing wealth, autonomy, and freedom.

How does Revenue Capital ecosystem work?

Revenue Capital ecosystem creates a strong community of investors and founders through which we fund and support selected companies without taking any equity or ownership stake. This approach helps high-potential startups meet their goals without sacrificing founding interests and long-term objectives while substantially increasing their post-money valuation.

What kind of companies does Revenue Capital support?

Revenue Capital funds and supports visionary startups building the future and the Internet of tomorrow. We are focused on the following five categories: fintech, blockchain, AI, ML, and Web 3.

Revenue Capital channels resources to provide portfolio companies and community with increasing value and wealth – every new project adds compounding value to the ecosystem.

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Why Fintech, Blockchain, AI, ML, and Web 3?

If you’re interested in new technologies or social changes, you may have noticed more information about cryptocurrencies, unicorn startups, and the creator economy. We’re living through a revolution that opens up the potential for exponential wealth generation by individuals driven by inspiring ideas and exciting technology adoption.

The number of people using cryptocurrencies is increasing, with the number of blockchain wallet users exceeding 70 million in April 2021.

The amount of blockchain wallet users [million]

Source: statista.com


Our portfolio companies are united by their use of blockchain, the global nature of their businesses, and unlimited growth potential. Meet our first two portfolio companies!

Robot factory and investment automation

Exeria makes it easy, simple and pleasant for everyone to invest money in goods, currencies, cryptocurrencies and companies. Advanced investment strategies are within the reach of every investor!

Investments according to plan

“Invest according to plan” is one of the fundamental principles adhered to by Exeria, which allows to gain access to unique methods praised by US experts. The platform makes it possible to create own strategies thanks to Drag&Drop.

International recognition

The advanced strategies of Exeria gained recognition in the world, as the company won the prestigious Benzinga Fintech Award in the United States!

Higher trading level

SkyRocket provides investors on the cryptocurrencies market with a trading platform that offers tools which are not available on cryptocurrency exchanges. These include e.g. SkyRocket BUY and Trailing Stop Loss.

Portfolio in one place

Thanks to SkyRocket, which is an official broker of Binance, OKEx and BitMEX exchanges, traders are able to manage several exchanges in one place and obtain information on their investments.

Automatic strategies

Automatic strategies on the platform allow for making long-term and short-term investments with different levels of risk, without the need for prior knowledge of the crypto market.

Open call for startups

We’ve partnered with F6S, leading platform for connecting startup founders to investors. With F6S, Revenue Capital is opening a call for startup founders looking to scale quickly without giving away ownership in their companies.

The Revenue Capital Accelerator is open to high-tech startups in five categories: fintech, blockchain, AI, ML, and Web 3 – companies building the infrastructures of the world and Internet of tomorrow.

Interested founders can begin the application by clicking below.


Our team is an international group of experienced experts specializing in investing, cryptocurrencies, and innovative technologies. Our advantage lies in each member’s unique practical experience: best practices and successes in the implementation of projects related to traditional finance, venture capital, blockchain technology, automatic services, robo advisory, algorithmic transactions, robotics, cross market equity and the crypto market.

Jarek Białek
Jarek Białek
Board Member, Founder, Co-Founder of Revenue Capital

15 years of experience in building startup communities and acceleration programs, including international accelerators for blockchain projects.

Piotr Piasecki
Piotr Piasecki
Revenue Capital Board Member

20 years experience in business management. Involved in international investment projects in industries including IT, finance and real estate. Specialises in marketing and sales.

Tomasz Korecki
Tomasz Korecki
Founder, Co-Founder of Revenue Capital

25+ years experience managing financial and technology companies. Associated with capital and financial markets since 1995. Expert in algorithmic trading and new technologies in the capital market. 

Adam Cukrowski
Adam Cukrowski
Founder, Co-Founder of Revenue Capital

Crypto market expert and advisor in multiple ICO projects, specialises in tokenomics and liquidity mechanisms. Founder and partner at SkyRocket.

Kuba Korecki
Chief Technical Officer

Creative Software Developer with over nine years of experience leveraging Java and JavaScript to build responsive websites, mobile apps, and interactive features. Co-founder of Exeria.

Eduardo Gamarci
Global Business Development Manager

15+ year-experience as a professional trader working for proprietary trading firms. Involved in developing algorithmic trading tools and software for the Equity, Option and Cryptocurrency markets.

Kelechi Udoagwu
Chief Marketing Officer

6+ years experience working with businesses and entrepreneurs to communicate value. Works with founders to build industry leadership and execute multimedia marketing campaigns.

Dominik Głowicki
Global Business Development Manager

A creative specialist in marketing and sales with over 5 years of experience in building marketing strategies and designing sales processes.